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This site is dedicated to the individuals whose surname is Manker and who are descended from the very earlierst immigrants to the United States. An attempt will be made to list only factual, documented information rather than family trees. I hope that you can use the data to make your own connections. You are invited to submit your documentation, but this is my web site and I control whether your data will be included or not. No data taken from copyrighted sources, IGI, Family group sheets, pedigree sheets, etc. will be accepted. Source and/or source location of the data must be given. (More)

I do not plan to cover those Manker individuals who immigrated to the United States after a cutoff date of 1800. I'm sure they are nice folks, but my husband's line traces to Jacob and William. Those are the lines upon which I want to devote my searching.

At present, it is anticipated that the information for Manker females will be limited to proven husbands and children. At a later time, it may be possible to expand to proven grandchildren.

The proven parents, siblings, and grandparents of females who married Manker men will be included whenever possible.

I have found a number of census records of Blacks with the Manker surname. Those records are in separate sections. If you are researching your Black roots, you should not have to wade through the much more numerous White records.

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The two earliest Manker of which I am aware are Robert Manker and George Manker. Robert is listed in "Cavaliers and Pioneers" in 1650.* George Manker is listed in the Virginia courts as "an old, infirm man." ** I have no further information concerning either of these individuals.

It is assumed by most, that the William and Jacob Manker, born in Maryland, are descended from Robert or George or both; however, to date, no proof has surfaced. There are several other Manker individuals who are of an age that they, too, could be descended from the first two Manker and/or are related to William and Jacob.

There appear to be what I am calling the Northern and Southern branches of the Manker name. The Northern branch begins in Maryland and migrates to Pennsylvania and Ohio. From Ohio, they spread west and into mid-America. The Southern group appears to begin in Maryland and migrates to South Carolina and Florida. From these locations, they, too, spread west and into mid-America.

I know very little about the Southern branches of the Manker name. The early time lines (mid 1700s) of both branches would indicate that both branches could be connected. But how? More information from the Southern side of the family would be appreciated.

Currently, most of the data presented here will start from the Northern side of the family. I am not spurning the Southern side, but my husband is descended from the Northern side and we (his family members) have personally researched that side more thoroughly.

So, having had my say,

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   *   "Cavaliers and Pioneers"
             Abstracts of
   Virginia Land Patents and Grants
       Abstracted and Indexed by
          Nell Marion Nugent
         Virginia Land Office
             Richmond, Va.

   "Patent Book 2, Pages 195 and 196."

"CAPT. MOORE FANTLEROY, 350 acs. in Rappa. Riv., on S. side, running S.W. & adj 200 acs. formerly taken by sd. Fantleroy. 22 May 1650, p. 229. Trans. of 7 pers: Edmond Hamond, John Cable, Richard King, Wm. Lewellin, Eliza Warren, Antho. Aston, John Till."

"SAME. 5,350 acs. on N. side of Rappa. Riv., 22 May 1650, p. 230. 2600 acs. lyeth on the upper side of Farnham Cr., adj. land of Anthony Jackman; 2750 acres lyeth on lower side of sd. Cr., running nigh the mouth of New Mencococond Riv. Trans. of 107 pers: John Shaw," ... "Tho. Harding, Robt Manker, Lawlin" ...

**  Berkeley County, Virginia (now West Virginia)
    Book No. 4, page 83.
    Court sessions between 19 Aug 1779 - 15 Oct 1782

"Upon the Petition of George Manker, an old, Infirm man, ordered that he be exempted from paying County levies."

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